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Save Well


Financial well-being is an important aspect of your overall wellness. When your finances are in check, the rest of your life becomes more manageable. On the other hand, when your finances are in short supply, it can make your life seem overwhelming.

On this site we will share with you tools and information you need to make smart decisions for a successful financial future.

Invest In Youself

Wednesday, February 8th

10am to 2pm

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Helpful information for this tax season

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you save and plan better!


When should I think about retirement?

The Department of Labor's (DOL) "Saving Matters" Campaign shares helpful information about saving for retirement through workplace retirement plans. Our university’s retirement plans are an important part of your total compensation package that will help build a more secure future.  The university also offers various ways to supplement your retirement savings on a pre-tax basis.  Check out this 2 page tip sheet from the DOL titled "Time Is On Your Side" that explains how new entrants into the workforce can benefit from retirement savings.

It's never too early to start thinking about your retirement, as "Retirement's Better in the Black."


America Saves Retirement Resources:



Expert guidance right on campus!

  • Did you know that as a UC employee you can meet with a financial professional from one of the university's ARP, 403(b) or 457 providers? You can ask about anything from everyday budgeting to retirement planning.
    Learn more about our ARP vendors here.
  • Learn about campus resources available to you, including learning about your retirement benefits or utilizing Impact Solutions (go to member login and type in bearcats as our community password).
  • Visit our Resources page to learn about other benefits and options available to you.



Impact Solutions, EAP, can help!

Impact Solutions, our Employee Assistance Program, offers a variety of resources on topics related to financial wellness and navigating through options available to you.  Visit their site for information about:

  • Bankruptcy, Budgeting
  • Consumer tips & Credit
  • Estate planning
  • Home buying, selling, improvement
  • Legal questions


Financial Wellness Handbook

Their financial basics handbook (pdf) offers a lot of information to get you started and lead you in the right direction on a variety of topics!

Visit their website (use Bearcats for the username when you go to member login) to view an online seminar or to download additional tools.

Looking for ways to learn about your financial wellness and earn incentives at the same time?  Here's how! Visit the Incentive page to learn more about the incentive structure and what you earn with your points!

Wellness Program Option Points Per Activity Description of Activity
Attend a Save Well Lunch & Learn 10 points See descriptions of the upcoming lunch and learns to the (left/right).  Save Well topics have been developed to help you learn more about what matters to you, including savings, retirement and estate planning.
Login to Castlight and compare pricing for your medical expenses
5 points Take advantage of this service free online - compare pricing for services and review feedback about providers. Visit, click on "know your cost" and register to have access to incredible tools to save you healthcare dollars!
Visit a retirement vendor or their website
10 points Learn about the vendors available to you and about their services. 

Looking for some more help?

Here are additional resources and tools that can help you live a healthy lifestyle and make good decisions for your health.

  • OPERS - Ohio Public Employee Retirement System
  • STRS - State Teachers Retirement System
  • SSA - Social Security Administration
  • IRS - Internal Revenue Service
  • Medicare - learn your costs and coverage available to you so you don't waste time or money in medical expenses.
  • Department of Labor - learn about worker's compensation, benefits during leave and more.
money folded
  • - Ballpark E$timate is an interactive tool, with accompanying apps, that can help you determine how much you should save to "fund a comfortable retirement."


Have questions?  Visit our FAQs or Contact Us – we’re here to help you succeed!