Mentor Me UC

The Mentor Me UC program is an informal staff mentoring program designed to aid in the attraction and retention of key, diverse talent to the university by encouraging career development, supporting diversity & inclusion, and creating a culture of learning.

Who Can Participate?

Participation in this program is voluntary; however, there are some considerations:


Potential mentors can be any eligible member of UC staff who has been an employee of the university for at least two years. Depending on their role, potential mentors may need to seek manager approval prior to participation.


Potential mentees can be any eligible member of UC staff who has been an employee of the university for at least one year. Regardless of role, the mentee will need to seek permission from their manager prior to participation. There may be other restrictions based on prior performance management situations. Please talk with your manager and reach out to if there are any questions about your eligibility.

Suggested Expectations, Goals, and Outcomes:

The mentoring pair will determine their goals and outcomes for the mentoring cycle. The recommended mentoring timeframe is nine months. However, the total length of the mentoring cycle will be up to the discretion of the mentoring pair.

The Mentor Me UC program may be used in conjunction with organizational goals set between the potential mentee and their manager. If part of a development plan, the mentee should work with their manager to develop reasonable outcomes. Progress of those outcomes should be a part of the agenda at 1:1 meetings.

Activities related to the Mentor Me UC program should be planned during the normal workday. Non-Exempt staff will not be paid overtime to attend these activities. Please work with your manager to fit this in your normal work schedule. 

How Can I Participate?

Potental mentees should begin the process by completing an interest form citing what they hope to obtain from participating in the program. This information will be used to find an appropriate mentor. 

The program coordinator from the UCHR Talent Acquisition & Retention department will identify a mentor and notify the pair of their status in writing. Potential mentees may also select someone with whom they would like to be paired.

Questions can be directed to:


Mentor Me

Informal Mentorship

What is Informal Mentorship?

Informal mentoring is a strong and valuable tool for developing an employee. It occurs in a relationship that is voluntary and formed by both persons. It is friendship first, learning and career second and third. Informal mentors provide higher amount of several types of career development functions including: coaching, providing challenging assignments, or increasing the protoge's exposure and visibility.*

Tenants of Informal Mentorship

  • Unspecified organizational goals
  • Long-term mentoring
  • No expert training or support
  • Indirect organizational benefits

*Source: Journal of Leadership Education, Vol 4, Issue 1, 2005