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Frequently Asked Questions About Coordination of Benefits (COB)

1. What is Coordination of Benefits?

Benefits under the university’s medical and dental plans are coordinated with benefits provided by other plans under which you are and dependents are also covered.  The purpose of coordinating benefits is to eliminate duplication in the payment of covered expenses.

Coordination of benefits applies to other medical or dental coverage provided under a group plan, but does not apply to any individual policies or Student Accident Insurance. 

Employees may be contacted by Humana and asked to provide information about other coverage.  You may be contacted by email, phone or by a letter.

2. What should I do if Humana contacts me and requests information?

You should provide Humana with the requested information.  This information will typically include the name of the other carrier (e.g., Anthem, Aetna, etc.), the policyholder’s identification number and the effective date of coverage.  Most of this information can be found on the member’s identification card.

3. How do I provide this information to Humana?

You can provide this information over the phone or over the internet (at

Log in to MyHumana and complete the "Other Health Insurance Coverage" form.

If you're not registered for MyHumana, a registration is easy - and you'll gain immediate access to your secure member website on

  • Go to
  • Choose "Register for MyHumana" on the home page
  • Enter some basic information, like your Member ID number and birth date
  • Create your User ID and password

Once you're in MyHumana, just follow these steps to complete your questionnaire.

  • Select "Plans and Coverage"
  • Scroll down to Plan Summary
  • Find your current Medical Plan type
  • Click on "Other Health Insurance Coverage" link
  • Complete the form and click the "Submit" button

4. How often will this information be requested?

Humana will request this information once every 12 months for each covered dependent. 

5. Can I provide this information to Humana prior to submitting a claim for a dependent?

Yes.  Contact Humana at the number shown on your identification card in order to provide this information