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Frequently Asked Questions about Long Term Disability

1. When can you enroll or change your coverage election?

You can enroll for coverage within 31 days of your initial eligibility date (e.g., new hire, rehire, employment status change into benefits-eligible position). You can also change your coverage by applying for a different option only during an annual enrollment period. 

2. Who pays for coverage?

All AAUP represented employees pay the full cost of coverage.  All other employees share the cost of coverage with UC.

What if you are absent from work on the date your coverage would normally begin?

If you are absent from work due to injury, sickness, temporary layoff or leave of absence, your coverage will begin on the date you return to active employment.

How long must you be disabled before you are eligible to receive benefits?

You must be continually disabled through your elimination period of either four or six months, depending on your plan.  Unum will treat your disability as continuous if your disability stops for 30 days or less during the elimination period.

What are your monthly earnings?

“Monthly earnings” means your gross monthly income from your Employer in effect just prior to your date of disability.  It includes your total income before taxes.  It is your income prior to any deductions made for pre-tax contributions to a qualified deferred compensation plan.  It does not include income received from commissions, bonuses, overtime pay, shift differential or any other extra compensation, or income received from sources other than your Employer.

How long will Unum continue to send you payments?

Unum will send you a payment each month you are disabled up to the maximum period of payment.  Your maximum period of payment is based on your age at disability as follows:

Age at Disability

Maximum Period of Payments

Less than 60 To age 65, but not less than 5 years
Age 60 through 64 5 years
Age 65 through 69 To age 70, but not less than 1 year
Age 70 and over 1 year

Where can I find out more about Long Term Disability?

You can read the LTD plan as part of your benefit summary at or by calling UC HR at 1-513-556-6381.