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Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Self Service (ESS)

1. How do I begin using “Employee Self Service”?

The document, “Getting Started” provides a brief description of ESS along with short instructions on its use. For employees who currently login via the “Central Login Service” (e.g. UC Flex, One Stop Student Services), your password is the same for ESS access. For employees who have not previously used the University's “Central Login Service”, the instructions describe a temporary password that has been assigned which you will be required to change once used.

Step-by-step instructions for how to log on and change your password are available on the UC Flex Help website.  In the left window pane, click on "Employee Self Service (ESS)". Then, on the right side of the screen, click on "Accessing and Navigating UC Flex Employee Self Service". A short version of the work instruction, called a "Cue Card" appears in the window. To view the full instruction, which includes screen shots, click on the down arrow in the "Other Formats..." field at the top of the window and select "Work Instruction - HTML".  Note that additional task instructions are listed and accessed in this same manner. 

2. What if the “Employee Self Service” tab does not appear once I log on to UC Flex?

The ESS tab will not appear during periods of payroll production or planned system maintenance. These periods are listed in the upper right “UC Flex System Status” window on the UC Flex homepage displayed after logging on.

3. Is my personal information secure?

Your information is stored on a secure server and ESS access is controlled through the University's authentication process. All ESS transactions are protected by Verisign's de facto industry standards designed and regularly updated to reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft by protecting personal information such as banking information, social security numbers, names, and addresses.

A password protection feature has also been implemented that will expire your UC Flex password every 90 Days. On the day of expiration, you will be prompted to change your password and be required to follow the best practices for setting passwords. If you elect not to change your password when prompted, you will have 6 grace logins until the system locks your account, at which point you will need to contact the UCit Help Desk (513-556-HELP) to identify yourself and have your password reset.

Finally, you can fulfill your responsibility for security by not sharing your password and by not leaving your workstation running unlocked while unattended.

4. Where can I get help if needed?

Contact the Help Desk at 513-556-HELP with any technical question. Contact the HR Service Center at 513-556-6381 with any questions about the information in your record. E-mail any comments to

5. I would like to change my address.

After accessing ESS, select the personal information tab. Select Address then click on edit.  You may then change your address. 

An address change may result in a change to State & Local withholding.  To change your Taxing City of Residence or School District contact Human Resources at 513-556-6381.  To change State Taxes use the ESS W-4 tax withholding service.

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