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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring


1. How are Employment Verifications handled?

The university utilizes The Work Number to serve all employment and income verification needs.  If you have any questions contact the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) at 513-556-6381.

2. I would like to work for UC.   Can I call a manager or supervisor at the University and request an interview or ask about the status of my application? 

Due to the sheer volume involved, University hiring is managed through the Job Opportunities web site at the following web address:  Applicants are encouraged to search the Job Opportunities website for the position titles that most closely match their interests and qualifications.   Applicants may read job details about each position of interest and click on the link at the bottom of the page to create and submit an application.  The web site also provides instructions on creating an individual account which allows you to follow your application(s) through the UC hiring process.

3. My student hire is not in the system.

Check to make sure that you have made your student hire's applicant status HIRING COMPLETE.  This will trigger the printing of the student's hire form and entry into UC Flex and you can initiate the Onboarding process.

If the solution is not apparent, please call 513-556-6381 and a representative from the Human Resources Services Center will investigate and correct the issue.

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4. When do I need to complete annual performance evaluations for my employees and can I provide feedback outside of the evaluation?

Constructive feedback from Supervisors is vital to a good working relationship so that regular feedback is essential. Subordinates look to management for guidance and direction.  The following are provisions that govern the formal evaluation process.

  • AFSCME employees - Article 23 - Evaluations
  • ONA employees - Article 20 - Miscellaneous
  • SEIU Employees - Article 13 - Evaluations
  • FOP Emergency Dispatchers Unit - Article 17 - Performance Evaluations
  • FOP Law Enforcement Officers - Article 17 - Performance Evaluations
  • FOP Security Officers Unit - Article 17 - Performance Evaluations
  • Classified Unrepresented Employees- HR Policy 18-01
  • Unclassified Unrepresented Employees-  BOT Rule 3361:30-23-05 and HR Policy 17-01

5. I missed my New Hire Orientation. Do I need to reschedule?

Your hiring department will contact you as to whether or not you'll be rescheduled for New Employee Orientation.

6. I am an applicant and am having trouble logging on to Job Opportunities/forgot password. What should I do?

Go to Search Applicant/User, type in last name, ask verification questions and reset password.   If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact Human Resources at 513-556-6381.

7. I applied for a position and now need to update my application and attach my resume.

Applicants may update contact information on their application at any time.  Other applicant information may not be updated once an applicant has applied to a position.  The snap shot of the application, cover letter, resume and any other attached files at the time of submitting the application is what the department will have to review.  

Exception:  Civil Service rules give applicants who are applying for classified positions the opportunity to update and revise their applications during the two week posting period.  Have the applicant update the application and notify you once they have certified their updated application.  We will manually update the application.  If the applicant wants to post or change a resume to an already applied to but not closed position, they must contact the HRSC and speak with a Generalist or Sr. Generalist.

8. I am a Hiring Manager and I cannot see a certain type of position (such as Student or Term Adjunct). What do I do?

Read the greeting that is at the top of the Hiring Manager’s page. It should read "Welcome Jane Doe, you are Logged in as a Hiring Manager, or as a Director, or Term Adjunct".  Individuals who have security access to multiple user types will have a link on the left hand navigational bar labeled "Change User Type". Once you've changed your user type you will be able to see your positions.  If you do not have a "Change User Type" option or do not have the particular option that you desire, the option will need to be added and you’ll need to contact the HRSC at 556-6381. If the desired option is a Hiring Manager or Student Hiring Manager training needs to be completed before the additional option will be given.  Training schedules are located on the HR Website under Training; HR Training.

Note: Hiring Managers can only see requisitions where there name is listed as the hiring manager. If Sally Smith created it and didn’t add John Jones as a hiring manager, John Jones will not be able to view Sally Smith’s positions.

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9. I forgot my password or it is not working.  Can you tell me what my password is?

Whether applicant or hiring manager, we do not have the ability to tell you what your current password is because for security, this information is encrypted. However you will be asked a series of identification questions to determine your identify.  Once your identity has been confirmed your password will be reset. 

Be sure that you are accessing the correct website:  If Applicant:; and for the Hiring Manager.

10. How do I apply for positions at the University of Cincinnati?

Application to all positions at the University of Cincinnati is conducted through our on-line applicant tracking tool.  You may view and apply to available positions on our Job Opportunities webpage at On our website you will be able to search vacancies, apply for job openings and keep track of the status of your interest.

Resumes and cover letters received from applicants directly will be returned and applicant advised to utilize the on-line process.

11. I received an email for the Records Management Officer exam scheduled on 01/05/2009. I am not available to attend that day or time. Is there another day or time I can take the exam or can it be emailed to me and I can complete it and send it back?

All of our exams are supervised and timed so exam dates and times cannot be rescheduled. We are generally not offering the exam at other days or times and unfortunately cannot email or mail it out to you. Please continue to visit our website at and view our advertisements in the Cincinnati Enquirer and Herald newspapers. Good luck with your future endeavors and thank you for considering the University of Cincinnati.

12. I created a requisition with a quick link but I’m getting an error message that the link is not operational.

The quick link is only operational once the position has been approved through Human Resources therefore you’ll want to refrain from sending the link to your selected applicants until you’ve received the notice from the system that the position is posted.

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13. What is the University policy regarding employee conduct?

Policy 15-02; lists various types of conduct which is in violation of UC work rules.  It states that discipline, up to termination, will result for violating these rules.

HR Policies and Procedures Manual: http://content/uc/hr/lrpd/policy_manual

(If additional information is needed this issue should be escalated to a HRSC Director or Labor Relations and Policy Development at 513-556-6372)

14. Where is Human Resources located and what is the mailing address/ interdepartmental address?

University Hall, 3rd floor, Suite 340.

Human Resource Department, University of Cincinnati, P.O. Box 210039, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45221-0039.

15. I will be a new hiring coordinator in SuccessFactors. What do I need to do?

Please refer to Workflow - Adding a Hiring Coordinator

16. I need access to HireRight to initiate background checks for students.

        Please visit HireRight and also refer to instructions for background checks.

17. We are attempting to hire an individual who will be paid by his home country however we want to offer him benefits here at UC.  How can this be done?

This is not permissible as there is no way to automate this billing process since the individual will be receiving no pay from the University.  If the plan is to attempt to offer this individual health benefits, you’ll need to arrange these benefits through his home country and pay your premium contributions to them.

18. I need to post a permanent residency position.  What do I need to do?

You'll want to speak with an HR Generalist, Sr. Generalist or Director as there are critical steps and guidelines that you don’t want to miss.  Please contact the HRSC at 513-556-6381.

19 I’m in the Position Description module and cannot see a certain type of position (such as modify or refill). What could be the problem?

People Admin operates off of Hiring Managers for both the Applicant Tracking side of the system and for the Position Description side.  Hiring Managers are not maintained in UC Flex so that when we converted information from UC Flex into People Admin, there were no Hiring Managers assigned.  However, HR can assist you.  Simply provide to your HRSC contact, the name of the individual or the UC Flex position number and HR can relatively quickly assign you to that individual’s position OR you may send a list of  individual UC Flex position numbers and their respective Hiring Managers and the information can be sent to People Admin to update a group of individuals at one time.

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Background Checks

1. What is is a web-based information verification solutions company focused on helping businesses make smarter, faster, more effective employment decisions. has been contracted to perform background checking services for UC.

2. What types of positions are required to receive a background check?

All newly hired, or rehires with a greater than 30 day separation, faculty and staff employees must receive a background check however it is a department’s decision whether or not to perform background checks on student employees, unless the position the student is holding dictates the check occur (i.e., resident advisor, child care center worker, etc.).

3. How will the background checks occur?

Hiring Coordinators will initiate background checks directly through, Background checks will be adjudicated through Talent Acquisition.

4. How does it work?

The Hiring Coordinator initiates the request directly through Talent Acquisition will adjudicate the background check and a notification will be sent to the hiring coordinator when complete.

5. Will I know how the check is progressing

Hiring Coordinators will initiate the process. Talent Acquisition will adjudicate the background check and send notification of completion.

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6. What type of support does offer? provides 24/5 support. Support is not provided on weekends.

7. How long does it take for results to be returned?

The majority of requests are completed within 72 hours.

8. What types of approvals are obtained?

Applicants are required to complete an electronic consent form with an acceptable on-line signature. If the company requires a wet (signed) signature this information can be scanned or faxed to

9. How will I get the background check results?

The Hiring Coordinator receives a notification from Talent Acquisition when the background check adjudication is completed.

10. When there are discrepancies why are the results pending?

Adjudication records are always pending until UC selects whether or not the candidate’s background “meets company standards” or “does not meet company standards”.

11. What is meant by “adjudication”?

Adjudication is the review process used to determine whether or not a discrepancy would render the candidate ineligible for employment with UC.

12. What happens if a candidate challenges the background check results?

Candidates will receive documents required as a result of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Instructions are included in the documents of how to challenge the results with the proper agencies.

13. What if additional investigation needs to occur?

Challenges to the report should be done through will perform additional searches and notify department.

14. What happens if a candidate has a serious charge on their background and I still feel this is the best person for the job?

The department may present their rationale to the appropriate Human Resources Business Partner, who  may take it under advisement with input from other areas such as General Counsel, Public Safety, etc. to determine if hiring is in the best interest of the University. In the case of falsification of the application, the candidate will not be considered further.

15. What kind of background checking will be done?

The University has identified a standard package for criminal background checks however additional packages are also available for reference checks, education checks, motor vehicle checks, and when appropriate credit checks.

16. Who pays for the background check?

It is each department’s responsibility to pay for the background check. The Administration and Finance Business Office will bill each month based upon usage.

17. How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on what searches are being requested.

18. How will I know how to use the service?

On-line web-based training is available on the HR website; as well as assistance from the Human Resources Services Center at 513-556-6381.

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1. What is E-Verify?

E-Verify is a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to assist employers in the process of verifying the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees and those employees assigned to Federally funded contracts.

The University of Cincinnati is a federal contractor and subcontractor and we are required by Executive Order 12989 to use the Federal E-Verify system to confirm the eligibility information included on the Form I-9 of all newly hired employees and those employees assigned to work on certain types of federally funded contracts (including both existing and new federal contracts).

2. Is a new Form I-9 required for an individual who changes their name as a result of marriage or divorce?

Any time an individual changes their name, the original Form I-9 can be updated using Section 3 to reflect the name change.  This includes name changes that come as a result of a change in marital status.  Alternatively, a new Form I-9 can be filled out for when an individual changes their name.

3. Do employees need to provide their Social Security Number on the Form I-9?

Yes.  While the Social Security Number is typically voluntary on the Form I-9, it is mandatory for E-Verify participants.  Therefore, it is mandatory for employees of the University of Cincinnati to provide the Social Security Number on the Form I-9.

4. As a participant in E-Verify, are there any additional requirements for prospective employees to complete the Form I-9?

As an E-Verify employer, University of Cincinnati has additional requirements for the Form I-9 that other employers do not have:

University of Cincinnati may only accept a List B document that contains a photo. If the employee cannot provide such a document because of religious objections, contact your E-Verify coordinator.

University of Cincinnati employees must write his/her Social Security Number on Section 1 of Form I-9.

5. What happens if there is a mismatch?

A "mismatch" (officially known as a tentative non-confirmation) occurs when the system is not able to confirm that the employee's personal information (listed on the Form I-9) matches the SSA or DHS records.  If a mismatch occurs, the employee must be permitted to work and will be provided documentation regarding his or her rights and responsibilities to challenge the mismatch.

6. What does the department have to do in the event of a mismatch?

Initially, nothing needs to be done.  If there is a mismatch, the employee will be notified and the HRSC will discuss the results with the department; however, the employee must be permitted to work as originally planned during the investigative phase, including work on the contract, complete training, etc.  So long as the mismatch can be resolved to the satisfaction of either the SSA or the DHS, no further action will be necessary.

7. What happens if the mismatch cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of either the SSA or the DHS?

If the mismatch cannot be satisfactorily resolved between the employee and either the SSA or the DHS, the department will be directed as to the steps that must be taken.

8. Where can I find out more about the E-Verify process?

Detailed information regarding the E-Verify process is available on the Department of Homeland Security website.

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1. What is SuccessFactors Recruitment Management?

SuccessFactors is UCs new applicant tracking system, which allows for greater efficiency and streamlined workflows. The greater efficiency will allow UC to decrease the time it takes to hire quality candidates.

2. What is a Pooled Position?

A Pooled Position is a career site posting created to collect candidate applications for the purpose of filling multiple positions from one applicant pool. Pooled Positions are most commonly used for students and term adjuncts positions.

3. When is a Waiver Necessary?

A waiver is necessary when you want to “waive” posting a position for any number of reasons. Waivers are granted through OEOA

4. Can you still post one position to fill multiple?

Yes, you may still post one position to fill multiple. Contact your recruiter to create a bait pool to collect multiple candidates. At the time of hire, however each hire will need individual requisition.

5. When Would I Use a Private Posting?

A private posting is used when you only want to make the posting available to an individual.

6. Once a PCR is approved, how long does it take for the requisition show up in SuccessFactors to be created?

UCFlex sends an update to SuccessFactors every 30 minutes.

7. Once my recruiter sends my candidate to UCFlex for “hire completion”, how long until my candidate is sent to “transferred to UCFlex”?

SuccessFactors will send an update to UCFlex every day at 3:00 am.