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Supervisory Manual

This manual was designed by Labor Relations and Policy Development to provide quick links to information that supervisors will find helpful in administering daily responsibilities. Labor Relations and Policy Development administers the university’s collective bargaining agreements and develops and administers human resources policies & procedures. We strive to improve the quality of work life for all UC employees. Please address questions regarding this manual to Bill Johnson at 513-556-6372.



This manual is comprised of frequently addressed issues regarding the daily management of staff. As a Supervisor, one of your responsibilities is administration of the union contracts, Board of Trustees Rules and/or Human Resources Policies & Procedures. It is imperative that the classification/representation status of the employee be considered for application of the appropriate rules. Following each header are the links to policies, rules and union contract language for specific classification/representation.

Probationary Period

During the probationary period, an employee shall receive regular feedback from the supervisor and the person training him/her. Guidelines for probationary period and evaluations follow.

  • AFSCME Represented Employees – Article 10.8 – Probationary Period
    There are other references to probation in Article 10.6, Article 11.6 and 11.8 and Article 21.11
  • IUOE Represented Employees – Article 18.D - Wages
  • ONA Represented Employees – Article 7 – Probationary Period and Orientation
  • SEIU Represented Employees – Article 11.12 – Probationary Periods
    There are other references to probation in Article 11.5 and Article 12.5.A
  • Classified Unrepresented Employees – BOT Rule 3361:30-25-01 and HR Policy 18-01
  • Unclassified, unrepresented staff does not serve a probationary period. They are at will employees who serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees.

Performance Evaluations

Daily feedback from supervision is vital to a good working relationship. Subordinates look to management for guidance, direction, training and encouragement. Following are the provisions for the formal evaluation process.

Performance Management

Performance Management tips and tools are designed to help supervisors better manage employee performance. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call Labor Relations and Policy Development at 515-556-6372 or Human Resources Business Partners at 513-556-6381

Performance Management Toolkit
  • This Performance Management Toolkit is designed to provide managers with a comprehensive listing of the resources available to support you in this important aspect of people management.
Performance Management Tools


Corrective Actions

Except in the case of an offense justifying the immediate removal of an employee, the University of Cincinnati promotes the philosophy of progressive discipline that provides the employee the opportunity to understand a problem and the corrective action necessary to improve identified deficiencies. Corrective action is meant to be corrective and not punitive.

Grievance Procedures

Should an employee decide to file a grievance, the procedures for the grievance processes are outlined below.


Employees are provided leave for various reasons. Some leaves are paid leaves and others are unpaid leaves. An employee who is on sick leave for a period of 5 days or more and who is eligible for Family Medical Leave should receive a notice of provisional designation of leave as Family Medical Leave contingent upon certification. Please contact the Human Resources Department at 513-556-6381 for assistance.