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Staff Service Anniversary Recognition Program

The University of Cincinnati's Staff Service Anniversary Recognition Program is an important component of our overall recognition process.  We encourage managers to take an active part in expressing appreciation and gratitude for his/her employee's enduring commitment, dedication, and contributions to the ongoing success of UC’s mission and vision. 


The Service Anniversary Recognition Program is designed to recognize and express gratitude to staff members who have contributed many years of dedicated service to the University of Cincinnati.


Regular exempt and non-exempt employees with at least 5 years of eligible service to UC are qualified to participate in the program. Employees are eligible to select a gift beginning at the 5-year milestone and at 5-year intervals thereafter. 

Employees also receive an acrylic frame to display their service anniversary certificate for major milestone anniversaries (10-year, 25-year, or 40-year.)

Service Award Process

Manager Responsibilities
  • Manager notification emails are sent to the employee’s manager or business administrator 7 to 10 days prior to staff anniversary dates. This email contains the employee’s name, anniversary date, and a link to an interactive service recognition website where managers have tools to make the employee’s anniversary memorable. These tools can be personalized (e-mails, certificates, scripts and e-cards).
  • You may also access the interactive service recognition website by clicking on this link
  • Managers also receive an acrylic certificate frame to present to employees on their milestone anniversary (10-year, 25-year, or 40-year.)
Employee Responsibilities
  • An email is sent to the employee on his/her anniversary providing details to select a gift online.
  • If the employee does not select a gift, reminder emails are sent after 30 and 60 days.
  • If the employee does not follow the instructions in the email and select a gift, a default gift will be sent to the employee.


Q:  My gift was damaged; what do I do?
A:  Contact Michael C. Fina Customer Service via phone or email (see number below).

Q: How can I receive more specific details about a gift selection?
A: If you would like more specific details about your gift selection please contact Michael C. Fina Customer Service.

Q: Can I change my gift selection after placing an order?
A: You may change your gift selection at any time before your order has been shipped from the fulfillment center. Simply call Customer Care at the phone number below.

Q: How do I return a gift that I received?
A: If you would like to return a gift you have received for any reason, simply call 1-800-999-3462 and select option 3 to speak with a Returns Expeditor who will explain the return process.

Any additional questions, concerns or issues with an ordered service gift should be directed to Michael C. Fina Customer Service via phone or email:

All other recognition related questions should be directed to the HR Leadership Development department via phone or email:

Additional Recognition and Reward Resources

Managers can recognize and reward employees throughout the year in various ways, such as taking them to lunch, giving gifts or gift cards, etc.

Below are several suggestions of ways to recognition and reward employees using resources available at the university:

  • Purchase a gift card or a UC logo gift at the UC Bookstore
  • Purchase tickets to a UC athletic event
  • Purchase tickets to a CCM event
  • Purchase a massage or fitness program from Campus Recreation
  • Provide lunch at UC locations such as Kingsgate Caminetto or Mick and Mack's, etc.
  • Be creative!

Managers can also use the UC-branded certificate to present to their employee:

UC Financial Policy

It is the responsibility of the manager and employee to know and follow the UC financial policies.  Refer to the University Financial Policy 3.3.1 and complete the form, Reporting Cash Equivalent and Taxable Non-Cash Rewards/Bonuses to Payroll, when appropriate.