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Research Briefs

These quick start guides offer researchers and practiioners an introduction to topics related to best practices in crime prevention and crime solutions.  

The Evidence about Crime Displacement

Prepared for the George Kaiser Family Foundation

Arelys Madero, M.S.
Rustu Deryol, M.S.
Robin S. Engel, Ph.D.

Concealed Carry Laws and College Campuses

Prepared for Campus Crime Reduction Committee

Gabby Isaza, M.S.
Jeffrey E. Clutter, M.S.
Robin S. Engel, Ph.D.

Assessing the Evidence: Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) & Midnight Basketball Programs

Annelise M. Pietenpol, M.P.A.
Robin S. Engel, Ph.D.

Promising Practices for Disrupting Drug-Market-Related Crime

Derek Mueller, M.S.
Arelys Madero, M.S.