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The University of Cincinnati offers many opportunities for prospective students who hope to further their career in crime analysis and/or Criminal Justice:

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

M.S. Program (Distance Learning)

The Master’s degree in Criminal Justice online program is designed for students who are preparing for careers within the field or want to eventually pursue a doctoral degree in criminal justice. This program is ideal for students who require a flexible schedule to complete their coursework or may not be able to relocate to the Cincinnati area to attend our traditional Master’s program. The focus of this program is found at the intersection of criminal justice theory and practice with the goal of students gaining a strong foundation in criminological theory and an appreciation for the practical applications of theory.

M.S. Program (Traditional)

The University of Cincinnati’s graduate programs in criminal justice are highly prestigious; according to the U.S. World News and Report, UC’s graduate programs are ranked 3rd of all criminal justice graduate programs. The traditional Master’s degree in criminal justice prepares students for a career in criminal justice or doctoral study. The M.S. program emphasizes building knowledge and skills within the areas of criminal justice administration and management, criminological theory, and research. The program can be completed in one calendar year.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

B.S. Program (Distance Learning)

The nationally ranked School of Criminal Justice holds the #1 ranking for research productivity and is proud to now offer an undergraduate Criminal Justice degree available as an online program. The study of criminal justice is designed to provide students with an understanding of criminal offending and the criminal justice process. As society continues to grow, so does the need for this career and the understanding of how and why such behavior occurs. This program stresses an interdisciplinary study of criminal justice in America. Those interested in careers in criminal justice, crime prevention, child behavioral problems, adolescence delinquency, or effective intervention will find this degree extremely valuable.

GIS Certificate

Geographic Information Science (GIS) has become an integral methodological tool in crime mapping and analysis. GIS allows analysts to identify crime hot spots, as well as note trends throughout their cities and states. The Department of Geography at the University of Cincinnati offers a series of courses instructing users in GIS from the novice level to advanced, and offers a certificate recognizing completion of a number of relevant courses.