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The ICS maintains several partnerships with organizations throughout the country.

Cincinnati Police Department

The ICS frequently collaborates with the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD), with ICS team members providing academic expertise and analysis on a variety of law enforcement projects. Such projects include officer training, database management, spatial and statistical analysis, data collection, and project evaluation. Projects have arisen based on academic research conducted by the ICS, as well as technical assistance requested by the CPD, and have provided state and federal grant money for both agencies over the past several years.

Current Projects - Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV)

Ohio Department of Public Safety Office of Criminal Justice Services

Partnering with the Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS) through the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), the Institute of Crime Science seeks to implement Cincinnati crime reduction initiatives on a state level. Specifically, following the enormous success of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence, ODPS sought to provide funding to Ohio communities interested in applying a comparable focused deterrence intervention. The ICS develops an arsenal of best practices in criminal justice research and crime prevention efforts, with statewide knowledge dissemination occurring thanks to the coordination and oversight provided by OCJS. 

Uptown Consortium

ICS partners with the Uptown Consortium to produce a monthly crime report on the Uptown area.  This includes Mount Auburn, Corryville, Fairview, Clifton, Clifton/University Heights, Avondale, and North Avondale.  In addition, twice a year ICS provides a drilldown of a topic relevant to the area.  These reports are submitted to the Uptown Consortium and are used to create initiatives for public safety.

Current Projects - Uptown Report