Diversity Council

President Neville Pinto

Neville Pinto, PhD

Chair, President's Diversity Council
UC E-mail: neville.pinto@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0063
Phone: 513-556-2201

Eric Abercrumbie

P. Eric Abercrumbie, PhD

Executive Director, Diversity & Community Relations
Division of Student Affairs
UC E-Mail:  abercrep@ucmail.uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0092
Phone: 513-556-6157

Gregory Baker

Gregory Baker

Director, Police
UC E-Mail: gregory.baker@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0215
Phone: 513-556-4952

Chris Beard

Chris Beard

Lead Pastor, Peoples Church
E-mail: chris@peopleschurch.co
Phone: 513-751-1066

Page Beetem

Page Beetem, JD

Associate Professor
UC Clermont College
UC E-mail: page.beetem@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0162
Phone: 513-558-7403

Bashir Emlemdi

Student Body President
UC E-Mail: emlemdbr@mail.uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0136
Phone: 513-556-6107

Maria Espinola

Maria Espinola, Psy.D.

Assistant Professor, Clincial Psychiatry
UC E-Mail: maria.espinola@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0559
Phone: 513-558-7607

Jennifer Heisey

Justin Gibson

Assistant Director, Community Outreach
Alumni Association
UC E-mail: justin.gibson@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0024
Phone: 513-556-4312

Greer Glazer

Greer Glazer, PhD

Dean, College of Nursing
UC E-Mail: greer.glazer@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0038
Phone: 513-558-5330

Tamie Grunow

Tamie Grunow

Senior Associate Vice President & Chief HR Officer
UC E-Mail: tamie.grunow@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0039
Phone: 513-556-6381

Tom Guerin

Associate Vice President and Director, Purchasing
UC E-mail: thomas.guerin@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0089
Phone: 513-556-2389

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Ed Hudson

The Kroger Company
Senior Director, Corporate Research
E-mail: ed.hudson@kroger.com
Phone: 513-762-4621

Thomas Canepa

Alicia Kornowa

Director of Admissions for Recruitment
Office of Admissions
UC E-mail:alicia.kornowa@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0091
Phone: 513-556-2411

Susana Luzuriaga

Susana Luzuriaga

Director, Institutional Research
UC E-mail: susana.luzuriaga@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0127
Phone: 513-556-0364

Dy'an Marinos

Dy'an Marinos

Program Coordinator
Office of Equity & Inclusion
UC E-mail: dyan.marinos@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0395
Phone: 513-556-1605

Bleuzette Marshall

Bleuzette Marshall, PhD

Vice President for Equity & Inclusion
UC E-mail: bleuzette.marshall@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0395
Phone: 513-556-8463

Maggie McKinley

Maggie McKinley

Senior Associate Athletic Director
Department of Athletics
UC E-mail: maggie.mckinley@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0021
Phone: 513-556-3559

Sally Moomaw

Sally Moomaw, EdD

Chair, Faculty Senate
Associate Professor, Teacher Education
UC E-mail: sally.moomaw@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0105
Phone: 513-556-4414


Arunkumar Muthusamy

President, Graduate Student Association
UC E-mail: gsga-president@mail.uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0193
Phone: 513-550-5392

Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman

Professor & Director, A&S Communications
UC E-mail: lisa.newman@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0184
Phone: 513-556-4458

Matthew Olovson

Matthew Olovson, JD

Executive Director, Equal Opportunity & Access
UC E-mail: matthew.olovson@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0158
Phone: 513-556-5503

MB Reilly

MB Reilly

Director, Public Relations
Division of Governmental Relations & University Communications
UC E-mail: reillymb@ucmail.uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0065
Phone: 513-556-1824

Lori Ross

Lori Ross, JD

General Counsel
UC E-mail: lori.ross@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0623
Phone: 513-556-3483

Shelly Sherman

Shelly Sherman

Executive Director, Human Resources Business Partner
UC E-mail: shelly.sherman@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0039
Phone: 513-556-0373

Kenneth Simonson

Kenneth Simonson

Director Academics
UC E-mail: kenneth.simonson@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0018
Phone: 513-556-1164

Cheryl Smith

Director, Supplier Diversity
UC E-mail: cheryl.smith@uc.edu
 Mail Location: ML 0089
  Phone: 513-556-6236

Eileen Strempel

Eileen Strempel

Associate Provost
UC E-mail: eileen.strempel@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0635
Phone: 513-556-4691

Nelson Vincent

Nelson Vincent, EdD

Vice President & Chief Information Officer
UC E-mail: nelson.vincent@uc.edu
Mail Location: ML 0658
Phone: 513-556-2323