Hiring Procedures and Guidelines

Academic Appointment Guidelines

The appointment of faculty to various positions should be in keeping with the standards set forth by the Academic Affairs Office and Provost in collaboration with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. This guideline was developed to ensure that qualified individuals will be recruited and hired on the basis of their education, experience, skills and ability to perform the work. Please refer to the Academic Appointment Guidelines.

Procedures for Hiring Faculty and Staff

Searches for all faculty and staff positions should be conducted with the goal of finding the best person within the framework of the university‚Äôs commitment to equal employment opportunity.  Every effort shall be made to ensure a diverse applicant pool, including but not limited to, contacts with other institutions, organizations, publications, and/or individuals who are in a position to assist in attracting highly qualified applicants.  Recruitment efforts will include advertising in publications geared to attracting culturally diverse candidates and using appropriate resume banks, websites and other media. Please refer to the Recruitment and Search Guide.

Utilization Analysis

The Utilization Analysis Summary is conducted to determine if underutilization exists in any of the university's job groups. Underutilization is defined as having fewer minorities or females in a particular job group that would reasonably be expected by their availability in the population. Underutilization is declared if the disparity between a percent representation within the job group and the workforce availability exceeds two standard deviations. A separate analysis is conducted for females, all minorities, and African-Americans.

Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access for College or VP Unit Utilization Summaries.