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Biologist and County Work Together to Preserve Mill Creek
From: University Currents
Date: April 28, 2000
By: Chris Curran
Phone: (513) 556-1806
Photo by: Dottie Stover
Archive: Campus News, Research News

UC biologist Michael Miller and his former graduate student Becky Evans are collaborating on a study to develop a disaster- resistant flood plan for the upper West Fork of the Mill Creek.

image of Miller sampling creek

The study is funded by the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District Study, where Evans now works as an Urban Stream Specialist. Urban Land Manager Stefan Olson is also working on the project.

The Mill Creek is prone to flooding in that area, because of the development along it in Colerain Township. The study will look at the history of the stream and try to determine which methods would be most effective at preventing flooding. The study area extends from Blue Rock Road eastward to Springfield Pike.

A biologist's expertise is needed, because the Mill Creek is also an environmentally troubled stream. So, the flood control work must also take into account the impacts on fish and the overall health of the river.

The study will also document the current conditions, so Colerain Township officials can monitor the Mill Creek's health over time.