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Aerospace Undergrads Maximize Results From Zero-Gravity Experiments
From: University Currents
Date: March 31, 2000
By: Chris Curran
Phone: (513) 556-1806
Photos: courtesy of NASA Archive: Campus News, Research News

UC aerospace engineering studetns Paul Zomkowski and Zoe Ruedele float free in zero-gravity conditons on board a NASA KC-135 jet as part of a special experimental program for undergraduates.

image inside jet

Zomkowski and Ruedele were part of a team of UC students working under the direction of Trevor Williams, associate professor of aerospace engineering.

During the stomach-churning flight, the students helped test two possible control systems which might be used to keep small satellites called nanosatellites in their proper orbit one day.

The flights took place over the Gulf of Mexico March 10-11.

image inside jet