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Guidelines and Best Practices are recommendations. It can be a useful piece of advice, such as "To create a strong password, take the first letter of every word in a sentence, and mix in some numbers and symbols. 'You Can't Have Everything. Where Would You Put It?' becomes 'Uch3Wwup1?'" You are able to create a strong password without following this advice, which is why guidelines and best practices are not mandatory.

Guideline Number Guideline Name Link
Guideline 9.1.1 Cloud Computing Guideline (CCG) PDF
Guideline 9.1.2 Checklist for Protecting Information Guideline PDF
N/A International Travel Data and Device Guidelines PDF
N/A Information Security Policy & Compliance Framework PDF
N/A Data Security Rider PDF
N/A Non-Disclosure Agreement PDF
N/A Waiver Certificate to Remove University of Cincinnati Owned Data from the University PDF

To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.