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Standards describe a specific use of technology, often applied to hardware and software. Standards support disaster recovery, and are mandatory like policies.

The following standards are in DRAFT format and will be updated in the near future. Once complete and approved, they will be removed from DRAFT status.

Standard Number Standard Name Link
Standard 9.1.1 Client Computing Security Standard (CCSS) PDF
Standard 9.1.2 Critical Server Security Standard (CSSS) PDF
Standard 9.1.3 Database Server Security Standard PDF
Standard 9.1.4 Web Server Security Standard (WSSS) PDF
Standard 9.1.5 Local Administrative Privilege Standard (LAPS) PDF
Standard 9.1.6 Server Security Baseline Standard PDF
Standard 9.1.7 Data Center Hardening Standard PDF
Standard 9.1.8 Electronic Media Sanitization Standard PDF


To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.