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One Faculty Member’s Experience Hosting an International Delegate

Photograph of Nnamdi Elleh

Nnamdi Elleh, Professor of Architecture

On very short notice, UC architecture professor, Nnamdi Elleh, and his wife, Ann, stepped in to host a member of a visiting international delegation from Africa here on a Women in Justice program through the U.S. Department of State. What started out as an act of kindness ended up as a wonderful dinner, an unexpected connection, an enthusiasm for participating in similar programs in the future, and the formation of a new friendship.

Here’s what Professor Elleh had to say about the experience:

Our evening with Adepeju Olaniyi was wonderful! We decided that we would shop for the ingredients for our dinner together. Imagine her surprise when we took her to a local Nigerian ethnic store. She was delighted to see people from Midwestern Nigeria, her part of the country, as owners/proprietors of the store, and she spent time speaking with the lady and her husband in her own Yoruba language.

We had a great time with her as we asked her to select what she would like to eat. She chose an ethnic dish for which we were able to find all the ingredients in the store. We returned to our house where we prepared it together, ate, and had a delightful evening before returning her back to the hotel. It was so rewarding for both of us and she is keeping in touch with our family.

Thanks for the introduction. We will be happy to help again. Being a foreign born U.S. National/US Citizen, I received many hospitalities as a student. Ann and I feel we are in the position to share our home with others who come our way.

These opportunities occur routinely as the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC) brings delegations to Cincinnati on a variety of sponsored programs. Serving as a host family, whether for an evening or for a week, is an enriching and unforgettable experience. We hope that faculty and staff of the university will consider taking advantage of these opportunities.