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UC International Planning

Welcome to UC International Planning

UC International Planning has the responsibility for the development of the university’s comprehensive international strategy including identification of new opportunities, tracking and coordination of its activities, extension and enhancement of existing opportunities, and international marketing.

Building upon the university’s already significant international components, UC International Planning works to facilitate the integration of internationalism into all dimensions of the student experience.

Specific target areas include

  • Continuous inventory of international activity in all dimensions (collaborations, agreements, student profiles, student activities, global news, education abroad)

  • International marketing including agency network expansion

  • Internationalization of curriculum

  • International licensing of technology

  • International co-operative education

  • International alumni development

  • Quality service for incoming students and scholars as well as students going abroad

  • Continued development of international scholarly collaboration

  • Nurturing a climate of global cultural competence

  • Form partnerships with regional, national and international organizations

Recent accomplishments include

  • Development of UCosmic® – a database to track all dimensions of the university’s international activity

  • Revamping international marketing printed materials

  • Identification and employment of multiple international agents

  • Annual participation in International Student Barometer survey to measure student satisfaction with services

  • Establishment of English as a Second Language center on campus

  • Open-source licensing of UCosmic®

  • Founding member of American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), developed to provide standards of operation and certification processes for international student recruitment