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The UC International team consists of International Programs, International Planning, and International Student Services. We are proud to say that all have completed the university Safe Zone Training with Leisan Smith, LGBTQ Coordinator. We are allies of the LGBTQ community and our staff is equipped to help LGBTQ students navigate the study abroad process. UC International Programs prepares UC students for their study abroad experience regardless of sexual orientation, but we realize LGBTQ students face a unique set of challenges. Be informed. Come and talk to us!

LGBTravel Resources

As study abroad advisors it is our job to make sure LGBTQ students understand where they fit in the context of the culture in which they choose to study. For example, Honduras and Demark are on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to human rights and the LGBTQ community.  There are a number of resources LGBTQ students can use to help prepare them for any international experience, but we strongly recommend the following:

  • Rainbow Special Interest Group: NAFSA Rainbow SIG is comprised of diverse members of NAFSA whose goals are to counsel international students and study abroad students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered; to support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered professionals in international education; to combat homophobia, heterosexism and transphobia within NAFSA.
  • IGLA or The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association provides an interactive map which allows you to research LGBTQ laws and policies by host country. We highly recommend that students explore the resources on this website. The information is current and features live news feeds.

Points to Consider When Selecting a Program

  • What cultural attitudes, laws or context exist towards sexual orientation in the host country?
  • What is the social perception of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the host country?
  • What is considered typical male and female social behavior, including gender roles and gender relations, in the host country?
  • Are there any LGBT-friendly establishments near the program site?
  • Can the program accommodate special housing requests such as single rooms, private baths or certain roommates?
  • Does the program have any other resources available for LGBT students?
  • Is there a LGBT community nearby?

Preparing to Go Abroad

  • How open will I be about my sexual orientation and gender identity with people in my host country? How might this impact my experience abroad?
  • How important is it for me to find other LGBT students and friends while I am abroad? How will I connect with them?
  • What kinds of LGBT-friendly establishments, organizations or resources are available in my host country? How will I access them?
  • What may make the coming out process different in my host country compared with in the U.S?
  • How will I incorporate my experiences abroad back into my life in Cincinnati, especially if I have come out for the first time while abroad?

Education Abroad Ambassadors

Education Abroad Ambassadors are UC students who have recent study abroad experience. If you need information about a particular country, program or have concerns about traveling to a new place; feel free to contact an Ambassador. If you are interested in becoming an Education Abroad Ambassador contact jill.reister@uc.edu.

LGBTQ-friendly Programs Abroad

It is important to understand that many Women's, Gender, and Sexuality/Identity studies programs are available abroad and easily accessible online, but they are not necessarily designed with LGBTQ culture study in mind. Fortunately, many study abroad providers make syllabi available online so that students and professors can determine whether a course meets their academic expectations.


DIS offers a number of women's, gender, and identity studies courses. DIS courses include mandatory study tours and cultural immersion experiences.


Academic Studies Abroad  - Search for (i.e. gender studies) in the search engine. Florence University of the Arts Department of Multicultural Studies offers a variety of courses dealing with human sexuality.


Gender & Sexuality in Scandanavia - Exploring how concepts of gender, body and sexuality intersect with concepts of normality.


LGBT in Paris - Group topics that address gay life in Paris; Gay issues depend on more than just sexual orientation, but also social and historical context.


Gay Indian Poetry -  Exploring the unique contribution of gay Indian men to modern Indian literature. This opportunity is located in Hyderabad, India.


University of Amsterdam Sexuality, Culture & Society - Open to MA/PhD students with a focused interest in sexuality research or advocacy.


Global Experiences, provides customized international internships focusing on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) issues.


Gender & Sexuality Studies with CIEE - Course options available through CIEE in Spain, Czech Republic, Argentina, China, and the Netherlands.


Gender Studies: The Case of Morocco - Reflect on Moroccan society,  anthropological dominance of sex roles, male-female dynamics, and how male ideology dominates social practices.


Explore Gay Paris: Culture & Identity Studies - Examine various concepts of gender and identity studies through a historical and contemporary framework.


Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender - Intersections of Dutch and international perspectives related to sexuality and gender.


Crossing Boarders: Gender & Social Change in Mesoamerica Explore social, economic, political and cultural change in Mexico and C. America; gender and women's perspectives.


Comparative Women's and Gender Studies in Europe- Study feminist and queer theory while exploring five European countries, develop and conduct independent research.


Gender & Development in Vietnam - Vietnam provides an excellent location to study and explore variant gender identities and expressions.


Gender Relations in the Post-socialist Czech Republic -Issues of multiculturalism, Third World feminism spirituality and religion will be discussed in a global context.