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"I know that the stereotypes of the United States are out there, and I know that many of them are informed not by direct exchange or dialogue, but by television shows and movies and misinformation. Sometimes it suggests that America has become selfish and crass, or that we don't care about the world beyond us. And I'm here to tell you that that's not the country that I know and it's not the country that I love."

------ President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama



Resources for Ethnic Students

In the UC International Programs office advising is culturally relevant for every student. We are here to make sure students understand where they fit in the context of the culture in which they choose to study. Study abroad presents an opportunity to think about identity in a new cultural context. This can be a rewarding learning experience that challenges preconceived notions about identity; the learning is enhanced for everyone when a diverse range of identity factors are considered through the lens of a new culture and society.


Diversity Abroad was founded in 2006. The organization specifically targets student groups who traditionally have not taken advantage of opportunities provided through global education exchanges. This website provides videos of student testimonials, scholarship and study abroad program information, blogs, articles, and a portal for graduate schools abroad.


AllAbroad.US  provides information relevant to racial diversity in study abroad. The information is available within four subcategories; African Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans, Hispanic/Latin Americans and Native Americans. In addition, see the Info to Support Diversity link to view organizations and articles dedicated to helping underrepresented groups study abroad.


Transitions Abroad is a magazine dedicated to working, studying, living, and cultural immersion travel abroad. Its purpose is the dissemination of practical information leading to a greater understanding of other cultures through direct participation in the daily life of the host community.


Open Doors is a resource on international students and scholars studying or teaching at higher education institutions in the United States, and U.S. students studying abroad for academic credit at their home colleges or universities.


Ethnic Programs & Services - Includes information about the University of Cincinnati Cultural Centers and the LGBT Center.

Discussing Racial and Ethnic Issues with a Study Abroad Advisor

Office staff members are available to answer questions about the study abroad process and provide resources that shed light on how race or ethnicity may be experienced, viewed and understood differently abroad. Early discussions about race and ethnicity can help you develop a realistic understanding of how your identity might play into the experience in different locations. To help facilitate the discussion of race and ethnicity with your study abroad advisor, here are a few examples of questions posed by previous students:

  • Who is going to be my hairdresser while I'm abroad? Who is going to be my barber while I'm abroad?
  • How will I be perceived in my host community?
  • How many students of color typically study on the programs I am considering?
  • Will I experience discrimination in the country I study in? Who can I talk to about it if I do?
  • I will be studying in the country my parents are from, but I have never been there before and I don't speak the language. Can I contact other "heritage" students who may have done this before me so I can learn from their experiences?
  • Are there additional funding sources I can look into?
  • How can I explain to my family that a study abroad experience can contribute to achievement of my career goals?

Education Abroad Ambassadors

Education Abroad Ambassadors are UC students who have recent study abroad experience. If you need information about a particular country, program or have concerns about traveling to a new place; feel free to contact an Ambassador. If you are interested in becoming an Education Abroad Ambassador contact Jill Reister.