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Airfare & Ticket Purchasing

Please see UC’s policy for paying for international airfare through a UC account, and follow these procedures:

"...International destinations are frequently served by niche agencies whose fares are often far lower than those our contracted travel agencies can obtain. Currently, we require departments seeking a waiver from use of the contract agencies to provide the contract agencies an opportunity to meet the ad hoc agency price offering first. Because it is more often the case currently for the agencies not to meet the fares, I am authorizing departments to get a price from our contract agencies first, then shop and get our approval/waiver based on their findings. This is effective immediately" (As per Tom Guerin, Associate VP for Purchasing & Material Mgmt Services, 11/21/06).

It should also be noted that Central Purchasing currently advises staff that use of any such agencies is at their own risk. Staff should exercise caution in using them, UC Purchasing always recommends against it because it is not feasible to ascertain the credibility of requested agencies on the fly.

The two approved agencies are AAA and Uniglobe. These are the only two agencies that will accept payment through a Travel Authorization. If you wish to purchase numerous tickets from a different agency to be paid from a specific UC account that has sufficient balance to cover the purchase, you may contact Carol Cisko to explain your need and request an increase in your P-card limit. Please remember that under no circumstances should you personally receive money from students to pay for their travel or other related expenses.

Faculty who are accompanying students may request a cash advance to cover expenses related to the travel (such as payment to host families). Remember that upon your return, you must provide receipts for all such cash expenditures. You may request that your cash advance be given in the form of a check or travelers checks. Please always allow 10 business days to process either request.

UC International has had experience with several trusted agencies to provide discounts to students and groups, including: