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UC Faculty-Led Program Incident Report Form

This form should be used to report any crimes or incidents that involved bodily harm or the threat of bodily harm, or any racially motivated verbal/physical harassment.  For example, stalking behavior should be considered an incident that involves "threat of bodily harm," even if no direct threat is verbalized.  Incidents may vary in terms of the scale of the emergency and the level of media interest (if any).  In all instances, it is critical to document when the crime or incident occurred, when it was reported, and what response protocol was used on site.

The Forum on Education Abroad has defined a number of types of incidents that can occur on an education abroad program. Note: while this list is very thorough, it should not be treated as all-encompassing.

Once you have ensured that the student(s) involved in the incident is (are) safe, please take a few minutes to provide incident details to us by filling in the text boxes in the form below.  Someone from UC International will follow up with you when the report is received.

If you think the incident requires an immediate response from UC International, please call us at the UC International emergency numbers given to you prior to departure.