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Financial Planning

Good News! Undergraduate students studying abroad on any type of credit-bearing program can use their financial aid, such as federal and state aid, loans, and scholarships, making it very affordable for students to study abroad.  Unfortunately, Graduate Student UGS awards cannot apply to education abroad programs. However, both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for the UC International Student Grant.

Please visit the Student Financial Planning section of the website for more information about using financial aid.

The UC International Programs Grant

Students may receive grants for one or more proposals during the course of their study at UC. Grants are restricted to students who are either currently full-time or who have been admitted as a full-time student. Student grants are awarded based on merit, financial need and length of the study abroad experience. Students can also attend one of our grant writing workshops.

Deadlines for the UC International Programs Grant

If you would like to talk to our staff about grant and scholarship opportunities for study abroad please refer to the following schedule. Click here to apply for a Student Grant using our online form.

Online Proposal Due:  For international activities beginning after:
March 15th April 1st
June 15th July 1st
November 15th December 1st

UC International Programs Grant Writing Workshops

In this workshop, advisors from UC International Programs outline the procedures for the UC International Programs grant application, explain the review process and are available to answer questions about your proposal.


13FS  Fall Quarter  
 To be determined
14SS Spring  To be determined
14US  Summer  To be determined