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Health & Safety

Emergency Procedures

The following information is discussed in more detail during the pre-departure orientation.

  • In the event of an emergency situation while students are abroad, we ask Faculty leaders and independent students to follow these procedures.

Emergency Contact Information

After hours calls should be routed to UC University Police communications center at (513) 556-1111.

UC's 24-Hour Sexual Assault Help Line: (513) 218-9531

Please program this number into your cell phone. This line is free and confidential. It provides services and emotional support for UC students who experience sexual violence, including sexual assault or intimate partner violence.Use this resource first in the case of this type of emergency.

International SOS

UC International is pleased to announce an important new support service for our students abroad.  The University of Cincinnati is now an institutional member of International SOS, a membership that gives students studying abroad access to a full range of medical information and emergency services.

Remember when you are abroad you should always carry your International SOS membership card with you. It contains the University’s membership number 11BCAS000010 and phone numbers to International SOS alarm centers.

Here is a brief overview of the most important program features:

As a member, you have access to International SOS information services at no charge.

These information services range from the website information provided (including country risk ratings, State Department postings, medical travel recommendations and immunization requirements) to access to medical doctors via phone consultation, referrals to English-speaking doctors, to care assessment and translation services in case of hospitalization.

However, use of actual medical services (beyond information services) is not free. 

While members have access to International SOS clinics and doctors around the world, delivery of such services must be covered by the member and/or the member’s health insurance policy. This program and membership is not an insurance plan! Students are still required to have health and evacuation insurance that covers them abroad. 

We are very pleased to join over 100 other educational institutions now using International SOS services, which for many years have provided the best-available emergency medical services for military personnel, US government officials and staff, and other worldwide organizations and corporations.