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Staying In Touch when Traveling Abroad

  • SKYPE is software that enables millions of individuals and businesses to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Everyday, people use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobile phones.
  • Investigate phone cards at Speedypin.com if you are interested in purchasing one before you leave . You can also buy phone cards in the host country; be sure that they can be used for international calls.
  • Since it is less expensive to call from the U.S., have family and friends call you at predetermined times.
  • You can usually receive mail within a week if family or friends use Global Express mail from the U.S. Post Office. However, remember you must be present to sign for the letter.
  • Have a U.S. checking account with a debit card. If you need extra cash, ask your family to deposit money into your account.
  • If you have a medical emergency, your ISIC card entitles you to call home collect from anywhere in the world.