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Contact UC International Services at (513) 556-4278 for details.

UC International Career Workshop

During winter quarter, UC International Programs hosts The Articulating Your Global Competency Workshop. Students learn how to articulate the skills gained from their study abroad and incorporate these ideas in interviews, on resumes, and in cover letters. They also gain information about finding and preparing for international job opportunities. We feature guest speakers who share their experiences and take question from students. Participants include undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students, representing every college on campus. Contact Jill Reister in early January for the dates of the upcoming workshop. Click here to view the most recent workshop powerpoint presenation.

Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections encourages all UC students to study abroad and interact with people from different countries. Cultural Connections meets regularly and hosts social events such as international food tastings, salsa dancing and intramural soccer. This organization works closely with UC International Programs staff to provide student support for Education Abroad and incoming international students at UC.

Peer Advisor Program

Become a Peer Advisor in the UC International Programs office! If you had a great time studying abroad on a program 4 weeks or longer and you want to use  your experience to encourage other students to go abroad, consider being a Peer Advisor. Peer Advisors volunteer weekily in the UC International Programs office to advise students about the process of studying abroad and how to select the right program.

Exchange Student Buddy Program Information

The Exchange Student Buddy Program pairs up UC students with exchange students who come to study at UC from all over the world. There is a Welcome Party at the beginning of each quarter and then you can spend as much time with your buddy as you want throughout the quarter.