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Teach Abroad

The most common type of overseas work experience for recent college graduates is to teach English abroad.  These types of opportunities exist all over the world, although Asia is the most popular region since it is relatively easy to find a job with a good salary.  Most people who decide to teach abroad go for at least six months, with many jobs asking you to commit to a full year or more.  You can teach English to children, high school students, college students, or even adults! Since it is difficult to contact schools directly looking for open positions from the , most people that wish to teach abroad apply though an agency.  Some agencies charge small fees for guaranteed placement and other services.  There is a lot of variety so make sure you choose an agency that you understand and trust. 

You can also take a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course either in the U.S. or abroad to obtain certification to teach English worldwide.  Certification programs are typically 4 weeks and will give you all the preparation you need to teach abroad. 

Here are websites with more information about teaching abroad:



Teach Abroad is a search engine for finding opportunities to teach abroad.


CIEE has over 60 years of experience with international education programs and offers teach abroad opportunities in a small number of  countries.


The Center for Cultural Interchange offers teach abroad opportunities in 6 different countries, some of which charge no fees as they are subsidized by the host country's government.

National volunteer - chile

National Volunteer Center (Chile) provides information about teaching abroad in Chile.


The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program places recent graduates in Japanese schools to teach English.  This program is competitive.

Teacherport is a free resource that allows new graduates and recently qualified teachers to find teaching jobs abroad.

Graduate Schools Abroad

Many students decide to pursue their full time graduate degree abroad.  Programs are generally 1-2 years long and it’s usually better to go for an MA, PHD or MBA abroad than JD or MD because of accreditation standards.  Graduate programs can be found using the following search engines: