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Volunteer Abroad & Service Learning


Service-Learning opportunities differ from volunteering as students typically receive academic credit for a theory-based course connected to the service project.  A number of UC faculty-led programs contain an element of service-learning, and you can search for these programs through UCosmic.  If you are interested in doing a longer-term service learning program (4 weeks or more), then contact us and we can help you find additional service learning programs that fit your interests.

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is simply helping a community without earning academic credit.  Many UC students volunteer abroad, either during their time at UC or after they graduate.  These experiences can be anywhere in the world, with any type of project, and for any duration.  Here are some common organizations that we recommend for volunteering abroad:

The Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is probably the most well-known international volunteer opportunity with over 4,000 positions to fill each year in the areas of Community Development, Information Technology, Business, Health, Education/Teaching, Environment, and Agriculture. All majors are welcome to apply. Don't forget to apply up to one year in advance of your desired departure date! Positions fill quickly and the earlier you apply the more opportunities that are available to you.  It currently takes 9 to 12 months from the time you submit the application to begin your Peace Corps service.

For more information on the Peace Corps Events contact a recruiter at (800.424.8580)

Peace Corps Master's International Program

The School of Planning (DAAP) has instituted a new course of study in its community planning graduate degree program. The purpose of the Peace Corps Master's International Program is to work in collaboration with the US Peace Corps to prepare students for the hands-on urban planning experience they will receive while on their assignment.



ProWorld's mission is to empower communities, promote social and economic development, conserve the environment, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens. ProWorld currently operates in Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, with newer sites in Morocco and The Philippines.


GoOverseas, an online social network for all things international, is a great resource for students who want to travel abroad. We offer scholarships for students already accepted to volunteer, teach, intern, and study abroad programs. Visit our website for student reviews and program ratings.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Abroad is a search engine that you can use to locate international volunteer experience.

Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder is a Cincinnati-based NGO that works in rural Honduras.  Anyone can get involved in their work, but there are credit-bearing opportunities for students in the Colleges of Medicine and Nursing.

Village Life Outreach

Village Life Outreach Project is a Cincinnati-based NGO founded by a UC alumnus.  Village Life works with three different villages in the Lake Victoria region of Tanzania.  Anyone can get involved in their work, but there are credit-bearing opportunities for students in the Colleges of Engineering and Applied Science, Medicine, and Nursing.

Cross Cultural Solutions

Cross Cultural Solutions has 15 years of experience sending volunteers to 12 different countries around the world.

Cultural Interchange

The Center for Cultural Interchange offers a number of volunteer opportunities in 14 countries around the world.