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UC International will help both visiting and exchange students secure housing after admission.  Visiting students will receive more information about housing in their welcome packets, but are strongly encouraged to begin researching housing options from the information we provide on this site. Students are permitted to live anywhere in the Cincinnati area but we strongly recommend the following.


Stratford Heights is operated by the University of Cincinnati. This is on campus housing, which means that classes are within walking distance, it is extremely safe and all amenities are included in the cost of your rent. Stratford Heights is one of eight on-campus housing options. But, it is a popular choice for visiting students. While researching other options, think about what you would like your residence hall to include; a kitchen, dining area, recreation room? To determine which residence hall is right for you view the university on-campus housing chart to get a better understanding of each residence hall and the conveniences you will have should you choose to live there.


Room Type  1 Semester                
2 Semesters 12-month Contract
Multiple Room         
Single Room  
$3,828 $7,656 $8,856

Order Your Linens!

The University of Cincinnati has been providing students with the Residence Hall Linens program for 13 years. All residence hall rooms on campus have extra-long mattresses that call for specially sized sheets, blankets and comforters. If you are staying on-campus and would like to order your linens ahead of time visit the College Bedding Program website. Students who are staying with Conversa House do NOT need linens.



Conversa Manor, 3502 Telford Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

The Conversa Manor, located on Telford Street, is a 15 to 20 minute walk to campus. The Manor is surrounded by shopping centres, restaurants, movies and parks. It is a 100 year old home that can accommodate 15 international students. The kitchen, living room and bathrooms are shared spaces. Also, furniture, cable, utilities, internet and linens are included in the price of rent. If you come with friends you have the option of sharing a room. The cost breakdown is below and students must sign a lease with Gerry Theimann.  

The University of Cincinnnati will convert to a semester system, effective Fall 2012. The security deposit, cleaning fee, and service fees are one time charges.  Finally, the prices reflect an $850 discount for students staying with Conversa Manor for two semesters. If you decide to live in Conversa Manor for two semesters you will be required to sign a lease for two semesters and pay your rent in full.


Room Type

One Semester

Two Semesters

Entire Year

Multiple Room




Single Room




There is also a one-time service fee of $100, Security Deposit of $100, and a $25 cleaning fee.



The Conversa House, located on Howell Avenue, is a 5 minute bus ride or a 15 to 20 minute walk to campus. It is also very close to shopping, restaurants, movies, and a park. There is a common kitchen, 5 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is no common lounge area. For students who are on a tight budget, prefer a quiet atmosphere and more private space this is the ideal choice. The cost breakdown is below and students must sign a lease with Gerry Theimann.


Room Type

One Semester

Two Semesters

Entire Year

Multiple Room




Single Room




There is also a one-time service fee of $100, Security Deposit of $100, and a $25 cleaning fee.


Searching for Housing Independently?

Students are permitted to live anywhere in the Cincinnati area. However, we recommend that exchange students stay with Stratford Heights, Conversa Manor, or Conversa House. These are reputable options that have been vetted by UC International Programs. Keep in mind that when you decide to deal with a local landlord UC International Programs cannot intervene on your behalf if there is a disagreement. You must make sure that you understand the terms of the rental agreement before you sign it. Here are some steps to take when searching for an apartment and questions to ask your potential landlord.

1. Find out What's Available

Clifton Area http://gaslightproperty.com search zip code: 45220
Gaslight District http://www.rentbits.com search zip code: 45220
Grad Family Housing www.uc.edu/gradfamilyhousing search zip code: 45220
Off-Campus Housing  Master List of Off-Campus Options search zip code: 45220

2. Questions for the Landlord

• How many minutes does it take to get to UC walking? And driving?
• Is there a bus line close by?
• What type of apartment is it? A house? An apartment complex?
• How many bedrooms does it have?
• How much is the rent per month?
• Is a security deposit required?
• What type of lease term is offered (monthly, 6 month, 9 month, year)?
• Are pets allowed? Is an extra security deposit required for pets?
• What kind of heat is used (gas, electric, etc.)?
• Who pays for utilities (heat, electric, water, etc.)?
• Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished?
• What type of flooring is there (carpet, hardwood, tile)?
• Is there a stove? Is there a refrigerator?
• Is there air conditioning? Are there laundry facilities?
• How soon will the apartment be available?

Familiar Terms

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What is rent?
Rent is a payment for the temporary use of property which is owned by a landlord. The payments for the use of the property is called, rent.

What is a landlord?
The landlord is the owner of the property. In your case the landlord is the owner of the apartment building or house in which you will live for a designated period of time.

What is a tenant?
YOU are a tenant. Every month you will pay rent to the landlord to occupy the house or apartment building in which you live.

What is a lease or rental agreement?
A lease should ALWAYS be in writing. A lease is an agreement between the landlord and the tenant. The lease gives the tenant the right to rent property for a period of time, as long as the tenant follows the agreement. The lease should explain the terms for renting the property including; rent, penalties for late payments, length of the rental, and the amount of notice required before either person cancels the agreement. The landlord is responsible for repairs and property maintenance, but you are responsible for keeping the property clean and safe.


Free Airport Pick-Up

UC International Student Services provides free airport pick-up for exchange students. When you log on to https://ioffice.uc.edu to complete the pre-arrival checklist you will be prompted to register for airport pick-up. You will also be expected to register the details of your flight and provide your local address. Here are some of the most common drop off locations for Executive Transportation Services.

Conversa International House - 370 Howell Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

Conversa International House - 3502 Telford Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

Stratford Heights - 2634 Stratford Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220