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Overview of the US Health Care System

 The US healthcare system offers some of the best medical care in the world, but it is complex, difficult to navigate, and often very expensive. The US system will also likely be very different from the healthcare system you are used to back home. There is no “universal access” or “national healthcare” like many countries offer. Please watch this short video from International Student Insurance on the US Health Care System.

Student Health Insurance

All international students are required to carry the University Student Health Insurance policy unless they can prove coverage equal to or greater than the University policy.  Such insurance must be provided by a U.S. based company.  Foreign-based policies WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Insurance fees will be included on your student bill.

Student health insurance costs $930 per semester ($1,860 per year). Students are responsible for paying this fee each semester. Students who qualify for a waiver of the policy must follow the guidelines established by the Student Health Insurance Office.

If you have questions about UC Student Health Insurance you can contact them at (513) 556-6868(513) 556-6868.


  • contain no more than a $1500 annual deductible;
  • contain at least a $500,000 annual maximum benefit;
  • not contain a pre-existing condition waiting period, or the waiting period must already have been exhausted;
  • contain immediate (without meeting a deductible) access to prescription benefits;
  • not contain any monetary maximums other than the policy maximum;
  • not contain a per day policy maximum except for physical therapy and mental health;
  • allow at least 20 mental health visits per year;
  • contain only less restrictive limitations than the U.C. Student Health Insurance policy;
  • be through a U.S. based insurance company employing a U.S. based claims administrator;
  • be in compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA); and.
  • be active the entire time for which you are enrolled in classes.