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Instructions for Obtaining H-1B Specialty Worker or H-4 Dependent Visas

As an H-1B specialty worker authorized to work in the United States you will need an H-1B visa stamp in your passport if you need to travel and re-enter the United States. In order to obtain an H-1B visa stamp from the U.S. Consulate / Embassy you will need the following documents:

  • The original I-797 H-1B approval notice from the Department of Homeland Security Service (will be provided by UC International Services at check-in or I-9 processing).
  • If the I-797 approval is not recent, a letter from your hiring department stating that you are still employed per the I-129 employment petition, what your job title is, your current salary is and indicating the position is still available to you upon your return to the US.
  • complete copy of petition- can be provided by USCIS.
  • A valid Passport (unless passport exempt).

You should also check the website for the consulate at which you will apply for the visa to determine if they have any additional requirements. 

As an H1-B specialty worker authorized to work in the United States, any dependents (spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21) are eligible for H-4 immigration status. To obtain an H-4 visa stamp to facilitate travel and re-entry to the United States, the dependent(s) will need to bring the following documents to the U.S. Consulate / Embassy:

  • A copy of the original I-797 H-1B approval notice and I-797 H-4 approval (if applicable).
  • A copy of the I-129 employment petition submitted to the Department of Homeland Security for the H-1B specialty worker (can be obtained from UC International Services).
  • Proof of marriage to the H-1B specialty worker (for spouses).
  • Birth Certificate (for children).
  • A valid passport (unless passport exempt).

Make sure that each time you obtain an H-1B visa stamp and new I-94 card that you provide a copy of it to UC International Services.