The University of Cincinnati will close at 2:30PM Wednesday 3/4/15 due to the inclement weather.  Classes are canceled, and all offices -- with the exception of those noted in the UC emergency closing policy (University Rule 30-16-01) -- will be closed.  

Students at the Academic Health Center should follow their college’s inclement weather plan.

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Forms, Guides & Handbooks

Guides & Handbooks

* Change of Address FAQs and Instructions (23.5 KB)
This guide would help you understand and meet the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act that requires any alien over the age of 14 who remains in the U.S. for more than 30 days to report his or her address to USCIS within (10) days of the change of address.
* Change of Status to J-1 Exchange Visitor (1.4 MB)
This guide has been prepared to help you understand what is necessary to change status and what the chances might be for your particular application.
* Directions to Social Security Office (59.1 KB)
Directions to the Social Security Office by metro or by car.
* E-Forms Instructions for Students, Scholars, and Specialty Workers (877.5 KB)
All requests for processing of F-1 student, J-1 exchange visitor or H-1B Specialty Worker benefits should be submitted to UC International Services using our iStart eforms.
* International Scholar Handbook (6.9 MB)
A Comprehensive Resource for International Employees on Employment Statuses (J-1, H-1B, TN, E-3, O-1, F-1 OPT, etc.) at the University of Cincinnati.
* International Job Search (812.5 KB)
Information about obtaining a job in the US.
* International Visitors Guide (4.4 MB)
This guide has been developed to assist UC personnel and international visitors in understanding their responsibilities.
* Guide to the University libraries (1.8 MB)
Read this for more information on the University of Cincinnati libraries
* OPT STEM Fields (331.4 KB)
Read this for more information on STEM fields that qualify for the 17 month extension

UC Forms

* Authorization to Release Information (12.7 KB)
If you wish for us to release information to any other third party, you need to complete this release document, sign it and return it to UC International Services.
* Bank Account Form Letter (23.9 KB)
Form letter from UC International Services to help with opening a bank account in the U.S.
* Driver License Issuance Form (16.8 KB)
This form helps with the issuance of a driver's license from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Government Forms

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Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5)
      The "Application For A Social Security Card" (Form SS-5) is the form to be completed if you have never had a
      number before or need a duplicate or corrected card.

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I-539 Form for Application to Extend / Change Nonimmigrant Status
      You should use this form if you are a nonimmigrant and wish to apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
      Services (USCIS) for an extension of stay or a change to another nonimmigrant status.

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I-539 Instructions for Application to Extend / Change Nonimmigrant Status
      Read these instructions carefully to properly complete Form I-539.

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IRS Form 843 Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement
      Use Form 843 only if your employer refuses to refund Social Security taxes withheld in error.

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IRS Form 843 Instuctions
      Read these instructions carefully to properly complete IRS Form 843.

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IRS Form 8316 Refund of Social Security Tax Erroneously Withheld on Wages Received by a Nonresident Alien
      If you are an F or J visa holder you need to complete IRS Form 8316 when filing IRS Form 843.