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Getting Help with Problems

On-Campus Help

University Ombuds

If you are having trouble with anything on- or off-campus, call 556-5956 to set up an appointment with the UC Ombuds to discuss your problem. The Ombuds is available to all members of the university community for confidential discussion of your problem. This is not legal advice, but you will be presented with university policies and your options. The Ombuds may serve as an informal mediator and will also refer you to other services, if needed.

If You are Having Trouble with Your Landlord

If you are having trouble with your landlord off-campus, call 556-0053 to talk to someone at the Tenant Information Project (TIP) at the University of Cincinnati Law School. A UC law student will be available to discuss by telephone the Ohio Landlord and Tenant Law with you. They will look up particular points in the legal codes for you and give you reference points if you decide to pursue further legal action.

Off-Campus Help

If you are having trouble with your landlord due to your ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, etc, call 721-4663 to reach Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME). HOME provides legal aid for those dealing with potential fair housing issues.

General Legal Help

If you are having trouble with anything on or off campus and need general legal counseling, call 241-9400 to reach the Legal Aid Society. Call this number for any legal concerns you may have. This service is provided free of charge to low income individuals in Cincinnati. If Legal Aid is unable to help you, they will advise you and refer you to other services.