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Help for Individuals living outside the Cincinnati Area

If you are currently a student at a different US institution (transferred out) we can no longer help you. You should instead contact your current school for assistance.

Regardless of your tax residency status if you have already returned home or are somewhere in the U.S. but outside the Cincinnati area, there is assistance available to you. Contact James Tenney at In the Subject line type “Long Distance Tax Help Request”. In the body of the message provide the following details:

  1. Last (Family) Name:
  2. First Name:
  3. UC M#:
  4. Date of Birth:
  5. Current Mailing Address:
  6. Current Immigration Status (if still in the U.S.):
  7. Date that Current Immigration Status began:

He will arrange either software access (Glacier TP), line by line instructions, or information on other forms of online help, depending on your particular tax situation.