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Forms and Documents

Form W-2

W-2's are issued to anyone who worked and was paid wages by an employer during 2013 unless all wages paid were exempt under a tax treaty at the time they were paid. W-2's for UC and Children’s Hospital have already been mailed.

If you have not received your W-2 for UC by February 10, 2014 you can go to here to request a duplicate W-2 to be mailed. Do not use this link until after February 10, 2014. It may take some time for your W-2 to reach you.

The above link is designed primarily for US Addresses. However if you are overseas you can input any data on these lines. So please try and fit your address into the fields provided.

If you worked off campus for another employer during 2013 be sure that the off campus employer sends you a W-2 or 1099-MISC for that period of employment.

Form 1042S (Not yet sent for UC)

1042S's will not be mailed. Like last year you will receive an email to your UC Email Account that will notify you where your particular 1042S is available. NOT EVERYONE will get a 1042S. 1042S's are issued to anyone who received a nonqualified scholarship or any amount paid as exempt under a tax treaty or certain types of fellowships in 2013. UGSs are not considered nonqualified scholarships so you will not receive a 1042S reporting what you received in the form of a UGS. However, you may receive a 1042S is you received one or more of the following:

  • If you received a nonqualified scholarship for expenses other than tuition, such as grant in aid, athletic scholarship or a stipend, such as a fellowship to cover living expenses.
    NOTE: Some summertime fellowships may fall into this category.
  • You took advantage of a Tax Treaty benefit, meaning that some, or all, of your 2013 salary was paid as exempt from Federal income tax by UC. You would have signed a Form 8233 at some point during 2013 at UC International Services to take advantage of a treaty benefit.

If you meet one of the above criteria and you have not received an email regarding your Form 1042S From UC by March 15, 2014 you can send an email to – be sure to put “1042S Question” in the Subject Line.

Additional Notes on 1042Ss :

If you are Chinese (and entered the U.S. as F-1 or J-1) and earned money during 2013 you will most likely be receiving a 1042S (but not all). Please check your UC Email Account for the instructions before you attempt to do a Federal Income Tax return.

Students who entered as F-2 or J-2 and later changed to F-1 or J-1 and worked on campus do not receive tax treaty benefits and therefore will not receive a 1042S reporting tax treaty protected income. But you may get one for any fellowship positions you worked in 2013.

If you are an Indian Student (F-1) and worked on campus in a student position it is likely the only thing you will receive is a W-2. However you may also receive a 1042S if you received any nonqualified scholarship payments or certain fellowships -- for example last year several students worked on campus during the summer in what they thought were fellowships. You may qualify for a 1042S. So wait for your 1042S if you believed you received something like this in 2013. UGS’s are not in this category.

If you are a non-student (for example a J-1 Research Scholar, Professor, Short-Term Scholar) and received money from UC or CCHMC while claiming a tax treaty you will receive a Form 1042S. If working for CCHMC please read above notes for CCHMC employees.

Form 1099

Some of you (not all of you), may also receive one or more versions of form 1099. 1099's are forms mailed to people to document a variety of possible incomes that would not necessarily be reported on a W-2 or 1042S. You may receive a 1099 for the following reasons:

  • 1099-DIV Money made on Stocks, Dividends, Bonds etc.
  • 1099-G Refund of your State of Ohio (or other state) Taxes from 2012 (not a typo--the refund your 2012 state taxes that you received in the year 2012 is now taxable by the Federal Government)
  • 1099-INT If you received interest on a savings account (most of you will not need to report this on your Federal Income Tax Return).
  • 1099-R Refund of any money you paid into PERS (Ohio retirement fund).
  • 1099-MISC Money paid to you as an independent contractor.

These are examples of forms you may receive. Not everyone will get a 1099.

Form 1098-T

1098-T's were made available on line in early January. IRS Form 1098-T, "Tuition Statement", must be provided by UC to taxpayers who pay tuition expenses, so that the taxpayers can claim certain credits, if applicable, on their returns. Since Non Resident Aliens are not eligible for these credits, they do not need to receive these forms. However Form 1098Ts were sent to everyone that had tuition expenses of some kind.

Form 1098-T's should only be used by Resident Aliens for Tax Purposes, or U.S. Citizens. In most cases if you are in the U.S. under F-1/J-1 immigration status you should not need this form. If you have received this form and you are not a Resident Alien for tax purposes, a U.S. Citizen or married to a U.S. Citizen, you should simply keep it in your personal files.

Even if you are not eligible to permanently stay in the U.S., you may become a resident alien for tax purposes. Click here to determine if you are a resident alien for tax purposes. If you believe you have become a resident alien for tax purposes during 2012 and you have not received a Form 1098-T you may download that form by logging in at

Final Note on Documents

Remember, not everyone will receive all of the above documents. But everyone should be aware of the documents you may receive. Just be sure that you have all your documents before you try and file a tax report for 2013. You have until April 15, 2014, to have your tax return postmarked - which is plenty of time.