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Special notes on Children's Hospital Employees

Children's Hospital Employees should note the following:

I.  For any tax related inquiries or problems concerning your documents (W-2’s or 1042S’s) CCHMC employees can contact Maria Llambi at

II.  The CCHMC payroll office has already mailed W-2s for 2013. However, you should check your W-2 very carefully if you are from a tax treaty country and filed a form 8233 or W-9 at some point in 2013.

If you have filed an 8233 or W-9 at some point in 2012 you will also receive a W-2c as well as a 1042S along with your W-2. On the W-2, Box 1 has income listed, but Box 2 has no taxes indicated. This is a clear sign that you are an individual who worked for CCHMC in 2013 and filed a form 8233 in 2013 (claimed a tax treaty benefit). Attached to this W-2 will be a W-2c and 1042S.

You should not use Box 1 and 2 on your W-2 that you received. Instead use Box 1 and 2 on the W-2c and the state and local income tax boxes on your W-2.

Keep in mind that the numbers that appear on your 1042S and W-2’s should, when combined, equal the amount you actually received in 2013.

If you have received a W-2 or a W-2c with information listed in Box 1 and Box 2, and you know you took advantage of a tax treaty benefit in 2013, the numbers on your 1042S should show the amount that was tax treaty protected (and the balance of what you earned when compared with your W-2/W-2c).