Department Checklist for H-1B Requests

The hiring Department must submit the following documents to UC International Services in support of an H-1B application request:

  1. A letter signed by the Head of the Department or Dean of the College indicating / requesting the following:

    1. Asking UC International Services to begin paperwork for the H-1B petition.
    2. The dates of the employment requested for the H-1B appointment, salary and brief description of the job duties.
    3. Why this candidate was selected for the job. The explanation should include items such as education, experience, special knowledge, background, etc, which justify hiring him/her over other candidates.
    4. That the department agrees to comply with all terms of the LCA until the end date and furnish return trip airfare home if the employee's employment is terminated before the end date on the I-129 application.

  2. A check (from the University) for $460.00 made payable to the Department of Homeland Security for the USCIS filing fee.

  3. A check made payable to the Department of Homeland Security for $500.00 must be submitted if it is a "new" petition. A "new" petition would include someone being hired at UC for the first time or someone who currently holds another nonimmigrant status (J-1, F-1) and wants to change status to H-1B. This fee does not apply to H-1B extension petitions for individuals currently working at UC. The hiring department must pay this fee when it’s applicable and two checks (one for $460.00 and one for $500.00) must be submitted.

  4. An additional $1,225.00 must be submitted if premium processing (USCIS processing time of 15 calendar days) is requested/needed. This fee must be paid by the hiring department if a quick approval is needed for business reasons. If the need for premium processing is due to the employee’s personal reasons, he/she may pay the fee and must attest to the need for premium processing.

Note: When the fees exceed $290.00, the request for payment must be made on a purchase requisition. In such cases, departments must let the purchasing department know that they want the check sent back to them. The check should not be sent directly to the Department of Homeland Security. The address to be put on checks is:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security,
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

California Service Center
24000 Avila Road
2nd Floor, Room 2312
Laguna Niguel, CA, 92677.

A sample letter is included at the link at the end of the "Information about the University Position" eForm application.