Checklist for Requesting Labor Certification (Teaching Positions)

Hiring departments must submit to UC International Services the "Permanent Residency" e-form found at If you don’t already have access to submit e-forms to UC International Services you will need to request authorization first. All appropriate attachments should be scanned and emailed (as PDF documents) to Appropriate attachments would include:

Attachments Required from the Hiring Department

  1. A copy of the ad for the position as it appeared in a national journal (print or electronic format). The copy must be of the entire page so that the date and name of the journal are included. If need be, include a copy of the cover page of the journal where the name and date are clearly printed. If the ad was posted electronically, clear documentation establishing that the ad was posted for at least 30 days. It is recommended that you make clear screen shots of the ad showing the date on day one of posting and day 30. See link to "Permanent Resident Instructions" for information about advertising content requirements.

  2. Copies of all other recruitment efforts used, including any in-house announcements such as a posting on the UC Job Update website.

  3. A letter signed by the Department Head or Dean of the College outlining in detail the recruitment procedure. The CV’s of each applicant must be submitted with the letter. The following information must be included in the letter (a sample letter is included in the link to Permanent Residency Instructions):
    1. Statement about the academic, experience, training and licensing, if applicable for the position.
    2. Summary of recruitment efforts, i.e., ad placement, UC Job Update posting.
    3. Total number of applicants, and the specific job-related reasons why the foreign national is more qualified than each U.S citizen or permanent resident who applied. Each applicant must be discussed separately.
    4. Statement about the applicant’s educational or professional qualifications and academic achievements. A sample letter can be found in the “Permanent Resident Instructions” link.

  4. Copy of offer letter. (Please Note: An application for special handling for teaching positions must be filed with Department of Labor within 18 months of the offer date).

  5. Notice of Filing Labor Certification for union positions (form available at link to “Permanent Resident Instructions”.) OR Notice of Filing Labor Certification for non-union positions (form available at link to “Permanents Resident Instructions”).

Attachments Required from the Foreign National

Documentation of education and/or professional qualifications:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae, including publications.
  • Evidence of highest degree conferred. This may be a diploma, transcript, or other evidence. Photocopies are acceptable. If degree is from abroad, evidence that it is equivalent to a U.S. degree may be required (Credential evaluation). A List of credential evaluation companies available in the "Permanent Resident Instructions"

If a medical degree is required

If a medical degree is required, the ECFMG certificate and USMLE score reports are required and a separate credential evaluation is not required.

  • If prior experience is required, an employment verification letter is necessary. This letter should be on the employer’s letterhead and include the name, address, and title of the writer, and with respect to the foreign national’s former employment, state the position held, specific description of the duties performed and start/end dates.
  • A copy of any required license.
  • A copy of the certificate reflecting completion of any required training, such as a medical residency or fellowship.