Visiting Delegations

All international visitors are supposed to register with UC International Services during their visit. This involves entering them into the iBearcatsGlobal database and obtaining Export Control clearance prior to their arrival.

In instances where multiple international visitors are coming from the same institution as part of a visiting delegation, the sponsoring department/college should complete the Visiting Delegation eForm in our iBearcatsGlobal database. When only one person is coming, use the “Other Immigration Statuses” eForm.

To use the Visiting Delegation eForm, the institution is treated like an individual and is entered into the iBearcatsGlobal database. Before starting a new application for a Visiting Delegation, please contact UC International Services at to make sure the institution isn’t already entered into the iBearcatsGlobal system.

If the institution is entered into the system already, UC International Services will provide you with the name and institutional ID assigned to the institution so you can complete the Visiting Delegation eForm.