Snow campus pavilion


Call UC International (513) 556-4278 to report the situation and receive further instructions

(or during after hours, per the UC Student Related Critical Incidents Response Policy call the UC University Police communications center at 513 556-1111.)

Depending on your situation, the following may be your next step:
  • Contact the closest US Embassy or Consulate
  • Contact your international insurance provider. For most UC students, your international insurance provider is CISI Insurance

CISI Emergency Contact Info:
Arch Team Assist in a medical emergency, or for 24/7 pre departure, medical, travel, and legal assistance:
Reference ID#: 01-AA-CIS-01133
Toll-free in the U.S.: (800) 872-1414
Outside the U.S. (Call Collect): (609) 986-1234
Email: medservices@assistamerica.com