Health & Safety Abroad

The safety and well-being of UC students abroad is of the highest importance. UC International has a number of established policies and procedures regarding your well-being abroad, but it is a shared responsibility. Through various resources, UC International empowers UC students going abroad to research country specific information. It is our hope to create global citizens who are prepared to travel internationally on this upcoming experience and in the future. UC International is committed to student and faculty safety while abroad. The following are a few resources for travel abroad.


Health Advisories and Immunizations

UC faculty, students and staff are responsible for their own health and safety abroad. The US Department of StateCenters for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) and International SOS are excellent resources for country specific information.


International SOS

UC partners with International SOS medical and security advice. The UC code is 11BCAS000010.

UC students, faculty and staff can utilize International SOS in the following ways:

  • Sign up to receive email alerts for medical and security information, customizable to various locations abroad
  • Read about travel health information with medical advice, food and water safety, and cultural tips
  • Explore travel security with personal safety tips and travel risk ratings for locations abroad

Set up email alerts through ISOS.


US Department of State’s “STEP” Program

UC faculty, students and staff traveling abroad should register their travel abroad through the US Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) in case of an emergency abroad.


International Student/Teacher ID Card (ISIC/ITIC)

The International Student/Teacher ID Card (ISIC/ITIC) is an internationally, UNESCO endorsed proof of bona fide student/teacher status. An ISIC/ITIC card provides a number of benefits and services all over the world, including discounts on popular attractions or travel items. This card is optional for UC students and faculty traveling abroad. UC students and faculty can apply for an ISIC/ITIC card online.


USAC Health & Safety Videos

UC's preferred external provider, the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), has produced a series of videos about a variety of health and safety topics. Topics include personal safety, transportation, emergencies abroad, fire safety, cultural adjustment, and safety with natural environments and animals.