Maximizing Your Experience

  • Say “Yes!” to invitations and opportunities to try something new.  Be willing to sample new foods, explore new places and meet new people.  You still will want to be smart, safe and make good choices, but this is the time to get outside of your comfort zone. New experiences are a big part of enjoying your time abroad. 
  • This is study abroad, not a vacation.  You will still have plenty of time to travel and explore your new surroundings. Be reflective on what you are experiencing and open your mind to the concept that the world is your classroom!
  • Unplug – spending all of your time on electronic devices chatting with friends back home will make you more homesick and take time away from the present.  Try to tune out and only use your laptop when you really need to for class.   Spend your free time exploring your city or simply people watching at a local café.
  • Use your language skills and try your best to fit in with the local culture.  You don’t have to be fluent in a foreign language to be understood.  Even a few phrases, paired with a smile, can get you far.  Consider dressing like the locals and adopting some of their mannerisms.  Nobody wants to be an “ugly American” when traveling abroad so always be polite and respectful of the host culture.
  • Stay in touch with UC International! Send us update, photos, videos and stories about your experience abroad. You can inspire to future students!

Staying in touch

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