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Faculty Led Study Abroad

Developing and Leading an Education Abroad Program

Leading an education abroad program can be a very fulfilling experience for UC faculty and staff.  The opportunity to interact with students outside of the normal classroom setting allows instructors to contribute to those students' academic development, as well as further their own professional development.  Whether it's a Spanish language class increasing their proficiency in Madrid, an Architecture class getting a close-up view of the Sydney Opera House, or Nursing students gaining clinical experience in a rural Tanzanian village, education abroad is a life-changing experience for both students and faculty.

It is our belief that any and every academic discipline at UC can incorporate an international component, and there are many experienced program directors, along with UC International Programs staff members, who are available to assist with the development of new opportunities.  If you are interested in developing a new education abroad program for students in your department, you are urged to begin discussions with two key people in the process: your department chair, and the Director of UC International Programs.

Resources are available to all UC faculty and staff who are interested in developing and leading a program abroad for students.  Whether you are exploring this opportunity for the first time, or you are a veteran, there is information included here that you will find relevant.

If you are brand new to faculty-led study abroad at UC, you should contact Cory Smith as soon as possible to discuss program development.  Ideally, planning for your program should begin 12-18 months prior to the proposed dates of travel.  This timeframe allows sufficient time to set up the logistics abroad, market and promote the program, and prepare students for the experience.  It has been our experience that programs planned with less lead time (6 months or less) have often not been able to enroll a sufficient number of students to run. 

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Faculty Led Program Statistics
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