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Composition Studies

Fall 2006, 34.2


Melissa Ianetta, Linda Bergman, Lauren Fitzgerald, Carol Peterson Haviland, Lisa Lebduska, Mary Wislocki Polylog: Are Writing Center Directors Writing Program Administrators?
Stephen Carmichael, Peg Alden The Advantages of Using Electronic Processes for Commenting on and Exchanging the Written Work of Students with Learning Disabilities and/or AD/HD
Daniel Anderson, Anthony Atkins, Cheryl Ball, Krista Homicz Millar, Cynthia Selfe, Richard Selfe Integrating Multimodality into Composition Curricula: Survey Methodolgy and Results from a CCCC Research Grant
  Data from the CCCC-Sponsored "Survey of Multimodal Pedagogies in Writing Programs"

Course Designs

Kathleen Ryan ENEX 495 Women, Writing, and Rhetoric 
Brian Jackson, Erik Juergensmeyer, and David Reamer Showdown in Superior! A Three-Class Collaborative Course