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Composition Studies

Spring 1992, 20.1


Wendy Bishop At That Spot in Our Lives: Stories of Teachers Returning to School 
Joseph M. Moxley Teachers' Goals and Methods of Responding to Student Writing 
William E. Coles, Jr. The Dialogues of Teaching: Learning to Listen 
Alice M. Gillam Feminism and Composition Research: Researching as a Woman 
Eileen E. Schell The Feminization of Composition: Questioning the Metaphors that Bind Women Teachers 
Mary Ann Cain What Can a Writing Program Be When the Director Doesn't Believe in Freshman Composition?
Teresa Burns Teaching the Postmodern: The Clash of Rhetorics Between the Classroom and Donald Barthelme's "The Indian Uprising"

Abstracts for Composition Studies 20.1

Bishop, Wendy.  "At That Spot in Our Lives: Stories of Teachers Returning to School."Composition Studies/FEN  (20.1):  5-16. 

Uses data from an ethnographic study of re-entry teachers in rhetoric and composition to offer insight and advice to those considering their own readiness for academic renewal through enrollment in further graduate work.