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Spring 1995, 23.1



Byron L. Stay When Interests Collide: Collaboration and Demolition
T. Hugh Crawford and Kary D. Smout An Interview with Charles Bazerman 
Joan A. Mullin An Interview with Muriel Harris 
Wendy Bishop Co-authoring Changes the Writing Classroom:  Students Authorizing the Self, Authoring Together 
Susan Wyche-Smith Using Variables to Train and Maintain Writing Groups 
Bob Mayberry Opening Doors 
Jim W. Corder Notes on a Rhetoric of Regret 


Abstracts for Composition Studies 23.1

Bishop, Wendy.  "Co-authoring Changes the Writing Classroom: Students Authorizing the Self, Authoring Together."  Composition Studies/FEN  (23.1): 54-62. 

Based on her work in a variety of writing classrooms, Bishop advocates collaborative writing projects.  She examines the way such projects raise issues of reading and evaluation (for both teacher and students) and then offers examples of classroom activities, including autobiographical collages, drive word and co-authored poetry projects, illustrated with student work.