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Spring 1998, 26.1



Mary Ann Cain What's Missing from this Picture? The Absence of Teacher "Error" in Representations of Praxis
Donna Strickland Errors and Interpretations: Toward an Archaeology of Basic Writing


Course Designs

Elizabeth Ervin English 496: Senior Seminar in Writing "Writing for Diverse Publics"


Review Essays

Lorie J. Goodman

Just Serving/Just Writing 

Book under review: Writing the Community: Concepts and Models for Service Learning in Composition, by Linda Adler-Kassner

Joe Law

Evaluating Writing Across the Curriculum

Books under review: Public Discourse and Academic Inquiry, by William Craig Rice; In the Long Run: A Study of Faculty in Three Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs, by Barbara E. Walvoord, Linda Lawrence Hunt, H. Fil Dowling Jr., and Joan D. McMahon; Assessing Writing Across the Curriculum, edited by Kathleen Blake Yancey and Brian Huot 

Thomas West

Producing Multiculturalism: Readers, Writers, and Race

Book under review: Writing in Multicultural Settings, edited by Carol Severino, Juan C. Guerra, and Johnnella E. Butler