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Composition Studies

Spring 2007, 35.1


Heidi Estrem  Introduction: Growing Pains: The Writing Major in Composition and Rhetoric 
Dominic Delli Carpini  Re-Writing the Humanities: The Writing Major's Effect on Undergraduate Studies in English Departments 
Jennifer Clary-Lemon The Hot Arctic: Writing Majors as New Sites for New Hires 
Randall McClure Projecting the Shape of the Writing Major 
Rebecca Moore Howard Curricular Activism: The Writing Major as Counterdiscourse 
Linda Shamoon and Celest Martin Which Part of the Elephant is This? Questioning Creative Non-fiction in the Writing Major 
Spencer Schaffner Grounding the Writing Major in the Socio-Graphemic Approach 
Timothy Peeples, Paula Rominski, and Michael Strickland Chronos and Kairos, Strategies and Tactics: The Case of Constructing Elon University's Professional Writing and Rhetoric Concentration
Beth Taylor On Brown University's New Nonfiction Writing Program--A "Focus" within the English Concentration 
Glenn Newman Concocting a Writing Major: A Recipe for Sucess
Tony Scott The Cart, the Horse, and the Road they are Driving Down: Thinking Ecologically about a New Writing Major 
Thomas Peele What Do We Mean when We Say Writing?
Kelly Lowe Against the Writing Major 
Hill Taylor Black Spaces: Examining the Writing Major at an Urban HBCU