Just Community

Just Community

The Future of Learning: Addressing Issues of Diversity

Borrowed from a book concept first used at the University of Wyoming, "The Future of Learning: Addressing Issues of Diversity" grew out of a program held on November 20, 2004. The program honored faculty and administrators who promote respect for and understanding of diversity. Students nominated more than 100 faculty and staff to be recognized. The book tells the stores of several of the honorees.

The project was headed by Professor Richard D. Karp and co-sponsored by the President's Office and Just Community. The book is not intended to be an exhaustive or comprehensive treatment of the subject of diversity and teaching, but is a sampling of true stories that may promote discussion or greater understanding.

The honorees profiled in the book are:

Grace Auyang
John Brolley
Charles Collins
Robert Probst
Roger Selya
M. J. Woeste
Ahoo Tabatabai

We hope that reading the book will help you to understand and appreciate others. You may download the PDF file to read.